Now playing bug

I want to highlight that, if you set Mixer to none, in the now playing plugin window in the touch screen, when you try to switch back to the volumio interface the command is blocked together with the volume and refresh button.

@patrickkfkan can you help him?

Version 0.1.3 (stable)

I have a question about the version beta 0.1.4… it’s nice but it’s a little bit slow to move from a windows to another (queque, volumio interface, now playing)… did you also noticed that?

Fixed in v0.1.4

The screen switching involves a bit of animation and blurring effects which can be slow in a browser that doesn’t support hardware graphics acceleration (read: browsers on Linux). I’m thinking if I should add an option to disable these effects, but I am hesitant because if you visit the Now Playing page (http://<your_volumio_address>:4004) in a browser on Android, for instance, it’s actually pretty smooth.

Can I solve the issue on my Wavescreen 7 inch type H? I also increased the gpu memory on the Touch screen Plugin setting to the max value of 128 MB. Is there a way to make the “Now playing” plugin faster on my touch screen? The version 0.1.3 was very fast…

Is it the transition effects that you find slow? In other words, the sliding screens / panels / bars are laggy when they appear, but otherwise the buttons are responsive?

exact!..the transition from a windows to another from this menu:

Is it possible to disable the transaction effects in order to speed up the shifiing from to sliding screens ?

I’ll see if I can add the “Disable screen transition effects option” in the next version. Going to take a bit of time as I have rewritten the entire client part in ReactJS and adding things as I go. But this is on the roadmap.

Thank you