Not showing all the folders on HD

Hi music lovers,

I run into the following problem

HD is 581 folders, 17 023 files, 439 GB (flacs)

Reading is always:
Folders 49, 802 files, 17.2 GB
Always the same folders, not quite sorted alphabetically

Example, there are 10 folders: Hits vol1 - Hits vol10, showing only Hit vol1 - Hits vol 7. Then, other folders are shown

Anyone else this problem?


Just to know : have you update your database (I think so ) :wink:
Is there special caracters like é, à , è etc) in the name of the folder or in songs name ?


Yes, i do update the database, but volumio is always showing the same directorys.
Never showing the full HD.

No strange letters in directory names.
Filenames that are displayed ok are

Aphrodite’s Child
Cracklin’ Rosie
Gigi L’amoroso

So that should be ok. I think…
Where is the database stored? Not on my external usbdrive i think?

is your HD plug via USB or via the net (nas server?)

Via USB.

Ok, I took a new sdcard, fresh install volumio: still the same maps and files.
Then i came across : “Rune audio”. Installed it on a sd, and WHOW all my 23000 flacs are shown,
And all my missing maps in Volumio. For the time being, I stay with RuneAudio.