Not Recognising Virtuoso Plan

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.806
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4
DAC: Chord Qutest

I just found my Tidal option disappeared and noticed in Source page it says I am not on paid plan.

But I am on Virtuoso plan…

I tried reboot the raspberry Pi and logout/login but still have this issue.

Are you connected via wireless? Where are you from (state). Did you change your ISP lately?
Can you send me a log 20 seconds after you hear the startup chime?

(paste the link to an email to info at volumio dot org )


It is connected via wireless. I’m located in Australia.
I didn’t change ISP recently but yesterday before the issue I changed my wifi from 5ghz to 2.4ghz (because when I was using 5ghz network it was not stable)
I have sent the link to info email.

Thanks, I am following up there…

I think I fixed it…
I added Google DNS at my router and it worked again.
Maybe my ISP has changed DNS yesterday?