Noob trying to make a "antique" mp3 player/radio

Been toying with the idea of turning a wooden shell of an antique radio I got for 3 dollars at a garage sale (the shell, no guts were included) into a music player. It has a nice are for the dial which would line up well for a little screen I thought, and of course plenty of room inside for a pi3 stack power supply, etc.
The thing I’m having a hard time figuring out with any certainty (I’ll make a post shortly) is I want both the screen, and a amp/dac, and both seem to mostly come as hats that monopolize the gpio header on the pi. But I can say, that almost EVERY thing I read or watch on Youtube says to use Volumio for the player. So I figured this would be where to start.


Hi Chibbsy, welcome to Volumio & the forum :slight_smile:

Many people do use i2s hats for their DAC, and yes you have to be careful for unused/exposed pins for a display. You could always go down the USB DAC route if you couldn’t find a suitable is2 DAC/display combination.