NOOB, assistance required

Hi there,

With help from a neighbour, programming my pi3b with Volumio i’m finally enjoying my music.
It sounds great but gives me headaches sometimes but i’m learning to deal with the app.

I’m a hifinutter and do not know anything about programming at all.
I would like to know if it is possible to get my Volumio based streamer act as a standalone unit, meaning, is it able to play my music from my NAS which is connected through a network switch to my pi without wired internet?

I would like to take my setup once in a while to other hifinutters and play my music with my own setup.

Is this possible with altering IP-adresses in the Volumio app or do i need to change things inside Volumio software?

Directions or assistance is much apreciated !

Regards, Paulus

You do not need internet access, but your RPi3 & the NAS need to be connected to the same network, either wired or wireless, or alternatively directly connected via usb (if your NAS supports this). What exactly are you thinking of physically taking to your fellow hifinutters?" It is difficult to give advice without more detail.

Hi there chsims1,

Thanks for the reply.


  1. The NAS, with my music.
  2. Dac/streamer (based on the Pi3b with Volumio)
  3. Networkswitch to connect NAS with dac/streamer

I know for sure that Volumio is the only program running on my pi, there is no other software on the pi whatsoever.

Thanks in advance!

Cheers, Paulus

It’s not something that I have tried doing, but it should work as long as both the RPi & the NAS are on the same network subnet. I presume that you will want to use the Volumio hotspot for control access from a mobile or tablet, so this will effectively set the subnet that you use to 192.168.211.x. You will have to look at how you get an IP address for your NAS. The RPI presumably is running a dhcp server if it is acting as a hotspot, so you need your NAS to accept a dynamic IP address from the RPi, or use a static one in the above subnet eg. RPi at & NAS at

Good luck & let us know how you get on.

Thanks chsims1 for the detailed information!

I think i understand what you explained and will try to get this working.
As soon as i make progress or don’t, i’ll get back to you.

Cheers, Paulus

As promised,

Sadly, it didn’t work out.

We tried to setup the pi3B with the Volumio 2.323 software to “act” like a dhcp server within the possibilities of the Volumio software.
We only used the Volumio setupmenu.

The hotspot didn’t work so you can’t reach the pi to control Volumio.
My friend didn’t have that much time so we took an old router and setup a small network with that.
So now i’m able to go mobile to friends and play my music.

I hope that you guys at Volumio work this out so you don’t need a external wifirouter.
It would be very nice to get the streamer with the NAS and play music at somebody elses home.
I’m willing to make a pledge, if you guys can get this going i’m willing to pay you the same fee it took me to buy ALBUMPLAYER.

It raises another question in my mind, perhaps a stupid one but:

Is there any difference, however small, between playing music on a network or via usb?
I mean, is quality lower, does it take more steps to convert to analog in any way?
It’s because i read an article a while ago and it was mentioned that this pi3b’s usb is on the same “input” as the RJ45.

Thanks in advance.

Cheers Paulus