Non-working stream in cue causes app not to respond, works ok via browser


Volumio Information

Volumio Version: Latest
Hardware: RPI 3B+
DAC: HifiBerry AMP
Autostart-plugin enabled

Debug Log

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Non-working stream in cue, e.g. stream has worked before, but currently does not. Autostart tries to start the non-working stream.
  2. Reboot Volumio, system boots up fine, but app cannot find it.
  3. Open Volumio GUI in a web browser, remove non-wlorking stream from cue and restart.

Additional Information

This is pretty nasty problem, as for a novice user the whole system apprears to be dead, because the app cannot find the Volumio anymore due to the playback being stuck because of a non-working stream in the cue. If the Volumio does not have any display, there’s practically no way to know if the system is still alive, or not. You can access the system via the browser, but I bet that’s not so easy to figure this out, since people are accustomed to apps and “modern stuff” anyway :slight_smile:

Please, mention the exact version number, never “latest” as this is very confusing, especially close to new release times.
Give developers a chance :wink: