Noise when switching tracks, moving fwd & back within trk


I have Volumio 2.522 running on an Asus Tinker Board S recently.
I have also gotten it to work successfully over the USB port with the following DACs: -

  1. Yulong D100
  2. Chord Mojo Amp/Dac
  3. Resonessence Invicta (initial release)

The sound quality is indeed exceptionally good. Unfortunately there is always noise whenever I switch tracks or moving forward or backwards within a track before the music starts to play. The same happens to the on-board audio output jack as well.

I have googled around for information and solution to the problem without any success.

Would be grateful if anyone one has information and solution to the problem to share.

Thanks & Cheers.

That’s very hard to tell, which kind of noise?
From what source are you playing?


It’s some kind of static noise that sounded like scratching noise.
I am playing both wav & flac files off a USB thumb drive directly attached to the Thinker Board S.
I don’t experience any noise when i use the same USB thumb drive on my SoTM sms-200. So I am pretty sure the source files and the thumb drive are fine.
Once a track starts playing there is no more static noise and the sound quality is superb.
The same problem happens with all 3 DACs I have.
I’ve also experienced the same problem when i connect a headphone to the Tinker Board S on-board HD audio socket.

The board is powered with an iFi iPower 5V adaptor that can deliver 2.5A.


I did further testings and observed the followings: -

  1. Strangely, with my headphones plugged into the on-board audio jack today I don’t hear unwanted noise anymore when switching tracks. Don’t really know why but certainly very glad with the result.

  2. The USB DACs I have tested with appear to be NOT FULLY compatible. The Yulong D100, for example, handles high resolution tracks and DSD tracks without any problems. However, I have to turned on Volumio’s Audio Resampling to properly play a standard 44.1kHz 16bit file else it sounded like AM radio broadcast. With Audio Resampling on, I can now hear the noise whenever I change tracks. Without Audio Resampling, there is no unwanted noise when changing tracks, but standard redbook rips becomes unlistenable. With Audio Resampling, I can listen to files of any resolutions, with the added switching track noise.

Just my observations.