Noise when switching from flac to dsd



Hello. When i switching music track format from flac to dsd, there are noise about 5 seconds (like white noise). What is the problem? Thank you.

I have heard this with my proJect pre Box S2 Digital.
On a Khadas Tone and Tone2 Pro it is clean.
Can’t help with the reason for it.

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Ohh…my dac pro-ject s2 digital to…:sweat_smile:

I’ve managed to “broke” 2 or 3 Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital, by changing type of files (flac, wma, dsd and mqa) and bitrate. As per the tehcnical reports, one of the clocks would die.
Traded it for a Cambridge DacMagic 200M and it never hapened again, in exactly the same conditions and connected wardware.
Be careful…

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I have not heard back from Cambridge re. Cambridge 200M, nothing added to the quirks list in the kernel’s usb audio driver either. So, still no DSD direct.
Was thinking of buying one, but holding back for the time being.

With “DSD Direct” on Volumio it plays PCM. With “DSD over PCM” it lights up the DSD led but the audio is “jerky” and the leds flicker.

Cambridge 200M does not support DSD direct on linux, it is impossible because Cambridge did not request for an update of the quirks list yet.
This list is vital, because Alsa probes it to find out which DACs can receive a DSD raw stream.

Just do cat /proc/asound/card5/stream0 and I will tell you what is missing.
I read the “reversed DSD direct and DoP” all the time, but so far nobody really knows what is happening.
The Volumio devs would be happy to fix “it” when they would only know what “it” is.
Not saying users are wrong, just so far it doesn’t fit the facts.

I feel that we are hijacking this topic a bit, but… this is what I’ve got:

BlockquoteCreative Bluetooth Audio W2 at usb-0000:01:00.0-1.3, full speed : USB Audio
Status: Stop
Interface 2
Altset 1
Format: S16_LE
Channels: 2
Endpoint: 3 OUT (NONE)
Rates: 48000
Bits: 16
Status: Stop
Interface 1
Altset 1
Format: S16_LE
Channels: 1
Endpoint: 3 IN (NONE)
Rates: 48000
Bits: 16

I think that it’s reporting on the Creative BT adapter that I also have connected, and not the 200M…

yes, you have no DSD capability.