NOIP and Volumio

I setted a Dynamic Dns (NOIP) to my Volumio and now i can reach it from the net typing .
The problem is that the page loads endless, but, as you can see the volumio page is almost ready.
On my router configuration site I setted the port 80 for my volumio, who has a local ip that is
At the first time, i wrote a random port, but i could not see neither the volumio loading page.
I hope to have been understandable.
Thank you

The DUC of NOIP is switched on

Hi, unfortunately this method won’t work, as the UI needs to know the public address of the endpoint.
We’re working on a new thing to make Volumio available from outside your network without the need of services like noip.
It will be announced in few days…

Thank you for your helpful answer. I’m looking forward to install that thing on my volumio.