No webradio since last update

Hello Volumio,
I;ve updated 1 of my 3 volumio players and since that update I can’t play any webradio stations anymore,
Files and Spotify works fine. What can be my problem?

Kind regards, DjKolk.

me too.
just update system this morning.
the web radio doesn’t work

Tried removing and adding stations again, this does not help, same stations work on other 2 volumio systems.
The playback tab is complereky empty and there is no sound.
Did ota update, hope this helos solving the problem.

Kind regards DjKolk.

Today I saw a new ota was available and updated to system version 2673…now my webradio’s function again.
Thnx Volumio for the Quick fix.
Kind regards, DjKolk.

I have the same problem as above but no technical knowhow and therefore have no idea what an OTA is… Please can a kind person explain how to find the new OTA - whatever it is! - and update my system in easy nontechnical terms… TIA. IonaB

Solved by dint of my own brilliance!! I’ve updated my system, all good, apart from the fact that I still can’t get the jazz groove. Does anyone know the correct streaming address for it? :question:

I have the same problem here since the last update, Internet radios can’t be played. It’s a shame…
I use an Odroid C2 and the Volumio Android app but still no update to resolve things at this time.
Please help.