No webradio in Mpod

Hi, I have been trying to use mpod to remote control my volumio units and I have been trying to use mpod as for now. However mpod does not show any radio channels when browsing. I added a new folder to the webradio folder and mpod notice the new folder but not the folders contents. I tried searching but couldn’t find an answer to this. Anyone else had this problem with mpod or can direct me towards another app that is easy and decent-looking. Mind you, this seems to be an issue with mpod as the web guis webradio does work.


I use mpad and this has the same issue. The problem lies within mpod/mpad, it can only recognise music files and not .pls files ( which is the radio station file).
If you add the radio station with the volumio gui to the playlist it will show in mpad and you can toggle the stations in mpad.

There is a workaround I use with mpad: select the radio station in the gui, go to mpad, save as a playlist, you can give the playlist the name of the radio station. Now you can select in the playlists your radio stations.

Thank you for the quick reply. That is a good work-around for now. I just need a couple of radio stations so I’ll try your work-around.
On a sidenote, I don’t think it has to do with the format it shows because I put an .mp3 file inside webradio/test/ along with .m3u and .pls to test and none of the three files showed up in mpod.

Again, thank you for your smart work around :slight_smile: