No web interface access to Volumio

I have installed Volumio and wicd-curses to configure it on my home wi-fi network. This works fine. Today, I have plugged RPi with Volumio into my wired network at work and I can’t access it thru the web interface. I can ping “volumio” and its IP address, I can SSH to it but I can’t get to the UI in the browser (using IP address in the URL box).

Any ideas?

I had a similare experience.

Please try to restart mpd:

/etc/init.d/mpd restart

and see if you can finally access the web interface.

That did it for me.

I have tried restarting and it didn’t work. I finally got it working though. The mpd.conf file had user “mpd” specified. I have changed it to “pi” and moved all the config files to /home/pi. This solved the problem. I am now able to connect thru web interface and play music stored directly on the SD card.

I am linux noob so I am not even sure if what I did is good or not.