No users: volumio, mpd, ntp, avahi presents in the 3.429 image, PI 4 v 1.1

Good morning,

just to report that I was unable to use the volumio 3.429 on a Raspberry PI4 v 1.1., because several users were missing.

No users: volumio, mpd, ntp and avahi were present.
Due to these missing users, related services were not starting. As a consequence, no WebUI was available.

So I had to manually add the above mentioned users to be able to use and configure volumio.

I am not familiar with the first boot procedure, I do not know if there is a boot script that create them during the first boot. I haven’t checked the boot image but, because it was created using Raspberry Imager and is working fine since it was inserted, I suppose that users were not present at all in the dowlodable zip file.

Thanks a lot for the great work you do at Volumio and for making this freely available.