no sub folder webradio

Hello Volumio-User,

i did install the new volumioversion on raspberry pi.
Now I’m looking for the webradio folder like your help description

1.) when your device is powered on and connected, use your normal computer to open the network folder which is named “volumio”. (In windows: open the explorer and type \volumio\ in the address line)

2.) you’ll find 4 subfolders, one of it is named “WebRadio”. It contains all the .pls or .m3u files for the pre-installed webradio stations. For any station you want to include, simply add the corresponding .pls or .m3u file.
but there are only the folder Internal storage,NAS and USB.

Is it psossible to create the webradio folder???



this feature was available on Volumio 1.5, is not available in Volumio2.
To add new webradios go with the UI: Webradio -> Click on the 3 dots on my webradios and click add webradio

Thanks a lot