No SPDF Output via Onboard Toslink port

Hey everyone,

I’ll spill the beans right at the start: I’m running volumio on an unraid VM. I realize this is not an intended use case, but perhaps it is still possible to fix the problem.

Everything works well after the setup of the VM: Volumio is creating an index of my music; I can browse it and play it, etc. However, it will not output any sound via that computer’s onboard sound output. I am using the onboard Toslink. I know this port to work since booting windows on the same machine (rather than unraid) will provide perfect audio playback via the same port.

Volumio does display two “output devices”, namely “analogue” and “spdf”. However, none have the desired result.

I believe I have the pass-through of the onboard hardware to the Volumio VM configured correctly in unraid, since un-checking that audio device will give an error message in volumio (“no output device”).

Is there some advanced settings in Volumio where I may check and see if something can be done about Toslink output? I’ve heard that Toslink can be an issue in Linux and might require manual settings to be made.

My Mainboard is an MSI Z97M Gaming (Specification Z97M GAMING | MSI Global - The Leading Brand in High-end Gaming & Professional Creation) running an Intel Core i5 4690K CPU.

I will do my best to provide any further information

As you concluded yourself, this is not a supported use case.

Best to follow the rules layed out in

Supply all the logs if you can, additionally, “aplay -l” would be mandatory in your case.
Just post the info in that thread and I’ll pick it up from there when I can.

why don’t you try to boot Volumio from USB, and check if the Toslink output works with direct access to the interface, to exclude problems generated by the VM?