No space left on device volumio 2.882

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.882
Hardware: Pi4 2Gb
DAC: Aoide Dac II

Dear Friend

I installed volumio 2.882 on pi4, but when i upload plug-in (120Mb) on home/volumio. System show “No space left on device”. I tryed re-install, but it not working :frowning:

Please help me fix it

Thanks You in Advance

What is your SD size?
What is this plugin 120Mo?

Sdcard 64GB
plugin to fix mpd :slight_smile: this have not public on volumio

didn’t the install expand your disk?

touch /boot/resize-volumio-datapart

hmm, I think if you are installing dubious plugins to fix mpd (exactly what, and how?) and they are 120Mb, then you are on your own. It would be interesting to hear what you find though :wink: .

@chsims1 it could only be the fix from @patrickkfkan that’s the only one i can think of and that should be oke. but isn’t 120mb

Yes, I need install MPD to fix Youtube2 :slight_smile: can you help me?

Why not use the Buster beta – it has a more recent version of mpd?

that seems the smart way @ashthespy @longmobi

here you can find the beta’s i would advice 3.067 or wait for next week for the new release 3.081
the 3.080 is broken so don’t use that one. for these releases you don’t need the mpd update so
this makes your life eazier.