No Soundcard found

Hi All,

not sure if this is the right place as I see ALSA issues in multiple places, but I have the following issue: My USB soundcard (based on the QNKTC, now HenryDAC) is recognized in Volumio and plays everything just fine (even 192kHz, 32bit). However, now when I want to tweak with hardware mixing I logged in through SSH and no matter what Playback settings in Volumio I try, aplay -l NEVER shows any audio card, it simply says ‘no soundcards found’.

Is this normal behaviour? If so, how can I work with the soundcard ALSA settings if the card is not detected by the kernel? On the other hand, if Volumio does see the card not many things can be wrong, eh?

Thanks for any ideas that can get my debugging going!


EDIT: these things always happen after just posting; when just typing aplay -l it does not see anything. When typing sudo aplay -l it does! Hope this post will still help anyone!