no sound when playing back in direct dsd mode with ud-301

After installing the VERSION: 2.587 (x86), there is no sound when playing back dsf/dff files (2.8 and 5.6) in the direct dsd mode with teac ud-301.
However, Volumio doesn’t indicate any problem and shows the playback progress on the playback page.
Everything was ok with some previous versions (last of December 2018).
Please, fix.

everything is ok now with 2.609:)

I’ve the same DAC.
Possible to play DSD files in native mode?

again no sound in the direct mode with ud-301 for 2.632

On which platform are you? PI?

i’m on pc (x86/64)

Still no sound in the direct mode with 2.668.

please wait for our next major X86 update, for which an alpha version should be available within the next few weeks.
Basic problem with the current version is a very old x86 kernel, with little support for DSD devices.
Our new version will support all commonly know devices.