No sound from Volumio while playing Tidal and Qobuz

I am a new user of Volumio, recently updated to premium. Previously I used Moode Audio, switched to Volumio to use native Tidal and Qobuz. Using RPI 4 with Volumio. RPI is connected with Soekris DAM 1021 through i2s interface. I have set the volume option > mixer type to “none”. I can see only two options “software” and “none”. There is no “Hardware” option. I have sound while I am playing YOUTUBE MISIC or from my HDD. But, when I am trying to used Tidal and Qobuz with this setting there is no sound. When I set the mixer type to software then only I get sound from my system. I have no knowledge on Linux. I am sill on 15 days trial. Any solution of avoiding software volume control? I want to use the volume control of my preamp. Sound quality of software volume control is not good to me, it appears muffled.