No sound from Volumio - Playlist position NaN/undefined?

Hi, I have a Pi 2B with an IQAudio DAC + connected to a separately powered HDD via the USB port. It has the standard Volumio latest build and successfully played the test web radio link (once) on the IQ audio site, so the Pi and DAC seem to work. I didn’t look too closely at the Playback or Playlist screens at the time, so I don’t know what they showed – I was so bowled over by getting any sound at all out of the phono sockets at the time!

I can browse the music files on the HDD fine from the Volumio web interface on a PC connected to the Pi by Ethernet / home network, but when I try and play these or add them to a playlist and play, I get this message at the top middle of the Volumio screen – “Playlist position NaN / undefined” and when I click on the left hand knob on the Volumio screen it says “Nan:Nan” rather than a valid file playback position.

Same thing happens when I browse and select an internet radio station so it isn’t just the HDD files.

I have never seen a valid file playing to know what the Playback screen should look like, and I have never seen a valid Playlist, but when you “add” or “add and play” a file or folder to the playlist from the “Browse” screen, it doesn’t seem to change anything on the “Playlist” screen.

I have rebooted the Pi and tried turning the USB drive on before / after the Pi. If I plug a monitor into the Pi it is doing all the command line stuff as it boots, and detects the USB HDD drive when you switch that on, so the Pi itself seems alive and well.

Any ideas or suggestions on what to try next please?


I have found a work-around by using Volumio via Safari on an iPad over wifi, and that is now playing music through the Pi/DAC with populated playlists and with sensible track / track location info showing on the Volumio player screen. The problem therefore seems have been trying to do this with the Windows PC. Anyway, as I can now listen to music using Volumio from the HDD and from web radio stations so there is no “help - nothing is working” urgency to the request any more. I can figure out at leisure how to get Volumio working on the PC instead.