No Sound as IQAudio PRO is not recognized under 'aplay -', even after selection correct I2S DAC from volumio

New setup with Rasberry Pi4 (4GB) + IQAudio DAC Pro.
-NoSound on IQAudion PRO DAC. Not getting listed by ‘aplay -l’.
RasberryPi Inbuild DAC can play sound on Headphone jack. (When I2S off from Volumio)

There was one observation:
-After first time I2S IQAudio Pro setup I could hear youtube cast on the IQAudio DAC using Volumio plugin.

  • Later I switched to rasberrypi inbuild DAC and could hear sound on inbuild jack.
    -After switching back to I2S IQAudio Pro DAC, I could never hear any output sound even after setting up fresh and trying everything.

Please help.

here is the log Link:

this is not the correct way for sendig a log, please see here

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Sorry Darmur, I was not aware. Corrected it now. Hope this is ok. Please help.

Can someone help on this issue?

the DAC is not initialized, I suspect something went wrong with the config.txt settings

please update to the latest stable version and then perform a factory reset

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It did not work. I bought a new IQAudio DAC and reconfigured it. This is working now.

OK, so it was a hardware problem, glad that you solved it with a new one