No Screentimeout for Touchscreen Plugin

Just requesting a feature that I am sure would be easy to implement.

I use this plugin so I can have a visual of what is playing on the 55" HDTV in the living room connected to a Pi3.
So no touch screen, people interface via a tablet or mobile phone, however after the 5 minutes or so the screen goes black and does not come back on.

I know its a timeout based on no input to the device as the web interaction does not count.

Can we find a way to add a “no screen timeout” checkbox to this plugin?

I have a QR code that guests at my house can scan to get to the UI on there phone, and then everybody can queue up music and use Volumio like a jukebox that is hooked up to the center of the house stereo system. The visual lets people know what is playing and adds to the jukebox feel.

Would appreciate it and I am sure I am not the only person using this plugin in a similar fashion.