No response

First off, the Raspyfi is great,
Tried Volumio this morning, it just not working. The control has no response on clicking NAS or Web radio, no sound from DAC, some graphic layer out are missing.

Could seem silly, but just try to update your browser with ctrl+f5 .
Or reboot. That seems just a weird behaviour. Let me know!

After press CTL+F5, the screen refreshes to pale grey control panel, everything returns to normal. Music is flowing out like a charm. Thanks a lot.

Does it work good?

The music player is working find streaming from NAS. I tried with usb flash memory, it works. However, when I plug in usb external harddisk, the Pi does not recognize the usb device. I tried many times, not succeed.
My friend used to connect a usb hub for usb flash memory and an external HDD in using raspyfi, he upgraded to Volumio last night, he also reported the external usb HDD is not supported.