No Qobuz integration on volumio.local

Hi all,

I have a Virtuoso subscription and every time I go to login to Qobuz, I get a screen flash up saying ‘you are successfully signed in’
Unfortunately it defaults back to the source page on Volumio and hasn’t logged in.
I have had seamless integration in past but can’t get it to work for the last month or so….

Any ideas?

Is this on Volumio 2?

Appears to be v2.861…

For support, please upgrade to Volumio 3, in case your really can’t, tell us why.
In that case, make sure you are on the latest Volumio 2 version.
Support on Volumio 2 is already limited, on older versions you may not get any at all.

Upgraded to v3 and all ok now. Thanks for your help.
Hopefully adding my music libraries back will be ok too.