No Plugins displayed

Test from another homie with another provider and he got normal answer to curl. :confused:

Try directly accessing the github page where it’s hosted:

Okay, this link is works for me.

You can change the url in /volumio/app/pluginmanager.js for a quick fix…

Okay I will try, thanks u homie, but what if route to host is not responsible for 50% of world?

I was going to add you should rename the post/start an issue on git to get the responsible devs to check their server host :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! Your advice helped me, now I can install plugins. :wink: But I think we must solve the problems with this host.

Also, detailed button is not working at no one plugins in list.

You probably didn’t update the link in the getPluginDetails function…

Yes I understand it, but will be great when the main guys solve the current issue at all :wink:

as from today the plugins page is not loading to me. None of the 2 URLS are responding manually…Is the server down?

Damn I didn’t know about this verifying… :slight_smile:

Not recommended, but add a file /data/ignoresystemcheck and you should be able to skip it…

Thanks, I will try. But, damn, when dev guys is solve the github plugins url issue?

Really, that is very weird. It should be a problem with your ISP or your country or a VPN. It works with no problems for others users as far as I know

Same problem here, nothing displayed in research page tab after update. Installed plugins list tab is OK. can’t be accessed.

That wouldn’t work as there is no armv71 and only armhf. But judging by posting.php?mode=reply&f=16&t=14362 you aren’t the only one facing issues…

I checked armv71 because it’s the result of the arch command on my system, but I don’t know what the pluginmanager.js puts here (could be armhf). Anyway, the research page tab of the plugins section was working fine the minute before updating. The update did something wrong for me and it seems I’m not alone.

Anyway, the tab is working fine today, so I guess somethig has been done on to fix it ( redirection to ?). Thx guys.

I am on 3.101 and cannot get the plugin to show. in ssh, using curl I can pull the json file so it is not a network problem.

Before joining the beta program you should have read the opening post.
You would have known, plugins are not supported yet.
Beta program
As a new user, this is ok

And please do not post volumio 3 issues in the help section, but as a new user you probably could not know either