No output from Allo Digione Sig / Chord Qutest setup


Yesterday, much to my amazement, (have never done any of this techy stuff before), I managed to flash Volumio to a micro SD card, insert it into an Allo Digione Signature, (ebay purchase), and configure it all to the point where I’m playing flac files from a usb memory stick; well at least that’s what my smartphone is telling me. The Digi One is connected to a Chord Qutest dac via a SPdif Belden digital coax cable but I’m getting no signal/sound.

When I configured Volumio it asked about the audio output required so I switched on the I2S Dac and went for ‘generic I2S dac’ in the dropdown. There’s nothing in the menu for the Qutest so I’m beginning to wonder if Volumio even works with my DAC?

Any ideas guys?



Volumio Version: Latest
Hardware: Allo Digione Signature R-Pi 3
DAC: Chord Qutest

You shall select “Allo Digione”, because this is the I2S shield you’re using.

Cheers Volumio that’s sorted it! Thanks very much.