No network after reboot

I have installed the latest Volumio for RPI 2.599 on my RPI + Kali + Piano 2.1. It comes up fine when I boot it for the first time (with a LAN cable). After I configure it using the first time wizard, choosing Piano 2.1 as the DAC, it asks to reboot. After the reboot, it is not accessible any longer over the network.

I tried an nmap on the LAN, and it showed just 111/tcp port open (for “rpcbind”).

Any ideas? Should I try an older Volumio image?

I have something similar with the new Pi 4, 4gb version.

It’s ruining fine until you change something in the settings. Utp connected, but not reachable anymore.

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Can you check that the IP address is what you think it is via your router, or possibly through ‘nmap -sP 192.168.x.1-255’?