No 'My Volumio' option or plugin

Hello all,
I am currently working on a port to a armv7 architecture. Everything is going quite well. All seems to work, but I have one issue and that is that I do not have the MyVolumio login screen anywhere. Where it should be is just blank:


I see in the dev logs that there is no plugin called ‘my_volumio’ when I click on Settings->Plugins->Login To MyVolumio.

When I try to search for such a plugin via SSH I find nothing…

I have tried to fully rebuild Volumio, so Volumio2-UI from git and Volumio3-backend, but not with any luck this far. Is there anyone who has an idea what might be going on?

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The thing I don’t get is that there isn’t a /volumio/app/plugins/system_controller/my_volumio folder.

From what I know community portings don’t have access to My Volumio.


MyVolumio (and all premium plugins) are not open source and they are available only on official builds

Volumio has not been ported from earlier versions of the beagleboneblack to Volumio 3 correct? Which means I would have to use for example Volumio 1.5 (?) to be able to use the plugins?

I have quite a unique use case where I have a custom AM335x board which is based on the beagleboneblack. The company of this device (Simple Audio) stopped their company and stopt developing. I have no managed to reverse engineer the Kernel. I was writing a front end, until I noticed that Volumio used to be available for BBB, but it doesn’t seem like that anymore?

edit: Are the free plugins available for everyone? GitHub - volumio/volumio-plugins, and how do I now install these since I cannot acces from the GUI at volumio.local. Should I directly build them when installing?

Sorry for the questions, but some of the documentation seems very outdated.

You can still install plugin from SSH. The best is to clone GitHub - volumio/volumio-plugins-sources: Volumio plugins source code for Volumio 3 on you device. Then go in the folder for the plugin you want and install with

volumio plugin install

Hi, Thank you I jus figured this. It seems, since nowadays you have to login to my volumio to reach the store, community builds are now not able to download plugins via any other way? That seems a bit weird?

As stated before, community builds lacks myvolumio. But still you can install all available plugins. Only not via the GUI, but via the terminal shell.
So basically everything is still available, only not via a GUI.

So SSH to your device.

cd ~
volumio plugin init

and all plugins can be installed from the corresponding folder volumio-plugins-sources via:
volumio plugin install


Yes thank you I figured so. Seems like it is having a hard time getting past

downloading plugin at

When I do:


I get it immediatly.

I just did the install script by hand so managed to install it now without the scripts.

From my understanding both qobuz and tidal are also Premium services and cannot be used when open source?

Correct, only available in official Volumio builds and subscription.

Ok, very unfortunate, but I understand.

Is there allowance to port an official release? According to the license (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0) it shouldn’t be a problem.

if you have a recipe for a new SBC, you can create a pull-request to the official build repo.

then it will be possible to trigger an official build from time to time, with myvolumio and access to the plugin store

What exactly do you mean by SBC? I am currently tinkering around in the RPI and pulling it from there to my custom board, but actually all plugins seem to immediatly work. Purely for personal use ofcourse.

SBC = Single Board Computer

Ok, I see. Is there any documentation regarding this? Where should I put my git commit and when do i qualify? Sorry for all these questions but I cannot seem to find this.

you can have a look to existing and approved pull-requests for new recipes, as an example

if you need help for creating a pull-request to an existing GIT repo, you can have a look here:

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