No music-library ;-(

Hi folks,

I switched from Kodi to Volumio today and am in the process of setting it up. I have successfully added my Synology NAS as an audio source. Unfortunately, the indexing of albums and tracks does not start. Using the Media Server menu item, the NAS is also displayed to me and I can access the music via the folders e.g. Music → By Folders → Albums → and then further via my folder structure.
The audio source added with the name Synology is not shown to me anywhere (except in the settings in the sources).
What am I doing wrong and how can I get Volumio to index my music on the NAs and save it to the library?
Thanks for the help!

Please wait for 1 hour, so V3 is available…

The update was installed without any problems, but unfortunately the status of the music library is exactly the same as before the update. There is no indexing at all. And then I ask myself where all the plug-ins have gone. Do they all have to be ported to version 3.x first or will they only be available in paid mode in future?

Seems something is wrong with the SD. Please start from scratch. The majority of tplugins have been ported to Volumio.
Please make sure to validate your settings and credentials for the NAS.
Shared folder:
Username & password

(with CIFS validate with version is supported by you NAS and add that to the option field, like “vers=2”)