No mercy for bad behaviours and unpoliteness

Recently I saw a spike of selfish, unpolite, childish and generally useless posts. Usually when someone forgets that this project is totally made by volunteers, and it isn’t a product. I usually didn’t care too much. I don’t want to loose time with trolls, neither I like to feed 'em.
But since the recent grow in popularity of Volumio, probably we’re attracting also such kind of users. And it is starting to annoy me.

Therefore, I won’t tolerate any unpolite, selfish, childish or troll posts. This will result in unrecoverable BAN, without prior warnings.


I agree.

Many people forget that this is an open source project done by kreative people who do this in their spare time.
We should all be thankful for anyone contributions to any of the many open source projects.

One of the most important aspects of open source is the community I think and it has to be kept civil and helpful.

Thank you again michelangelo for the time you are putting into this project.

Hello @ Michelangelo
Hello @ All
Yes, exactly, I can only agree with that!
People who can not behave and appreciate the valuable work of others, with whom you have lost no one valuable if they are locked away.