No ip address for volumio gui

I have volumio 3 latest version installed on a 16gb sd card, and now there is no ip address for the gui to configure volumio. I have flashed the cards with rpi imager, after reading about similar issues on here.
I have tried the hotspot?? url of but it can’t be reached.
When volumio boots up, the only ip address given is volumio.local, but that doesn’t work for me either.
I have also tried another sd card in another pi zero connected by a lan cable, but still no joy. Volumio does not even show up in the list of dhcp clients on my router.
What else/

try balena etcher of win32diskimager :slight_smile:

I have already tried balena etcher and it was just the same. I use linux so win32deiskimaker wont run on my system

if you use linux just use dd

It was the lan cable which was the problem. I swapped it for another and now have an ip address.