No interface on touchscreen

Dear All,

I have a small problem which I can not solve alone:
on my Raspberry Pi 2 with a 7" Raspberry Pi touch screen I can get no user interface.
I can see only the terminal input.
The touch screen is functioning good because I can see a “Volumio” splash screen on booting and then I see only the terminal input.
The system is functioning somehow because I can hear the Volumio boot “gingle”

My configuraion:

  • Volumio version: 2.413 (21.06.2018)
  • Dac: IQ Audio Dac+
  • Screen: official Raspberry Pi 7" touch screen
  • Amp: IQ Audio Pi Amp+
  • The touch screen plug-in is activated

I hope somebody can help me with this problem.

Thank you very much for your help!

Best regards

Everything is ok. Volumio is designed to be headless. You have to access it from a other device on the same network (smartphone, computer).
Once you are connected to the webUi, install the plugin for the touch screen. And you will have a functional touch screen.
Have a look

Thanks for the idea!
The touch screen plugin is already installed. The interface is still not available.

Did the plugin install OK without any errors? Can you see the UI in a browser on another device? Try reinstalling, and if that fails then send us a log to have a look at (don’t forget to post link to log here).

Everything works fine from other devices (Browser or App).
Thanks for your support!

Best regards from Munich