No DSD with 2.185 and X20 USB DAC

With DOP: DAC sees the DSD data but no sound.
With native DSD: loud white noise.
All other music formats work brilliantly.

HW, SW, None for mixer does not fix the problem.

Not been able to play DSD since 2.163, prior DOP was working fine… frustrating to have all these nice dsd files and not be able to play them!

Is there a way to get a 2.141 image so I can do some debugging and compare behavior?

Also happy to send any log, etc.

Any help appreciated.

Do this:

  • Disable dop
  • play DSD with volume at 100

it will work.
I discovered that to play DSD files, volume needs to be at 100


Tried on 2.201, unfortunately, does not work. Have not been able to play DSD files since 2.141 :frowning:

  • All formats other than DSD work great. Still love the UI et all.
  • DSD direct with 100% volume OR with the DSD volume control switch on: loud white noise
  • DSD direct with mixer=none: loud white noise
  • DoP: appears to work on volumio side, DAC recognizes PCM stream, but NO sound.

Have to ask again: easy way to get an old 2.141 image?
Want to test to compare and see what was working and not working.

My understanding of the value of DSD direct vs. DoP a bit different from what says (more expert than me please correct me if I am off):

  • DSD gets decoded on DAC all the same, only transport over USB is in a different format.
  • So no “loss of DSD benefit”
  • Only difference is that DoP is less efficient (needs upper 8 bits tag to signal that this is really a DSD signal inside a PCM wrapper).
    So DSD 64 requires a 176.4 PCM package, DSD 128 requires a 352.8 PCM package, and DSD 256 requires a 705.6 PCM package.

In other words, the benefits of DSD direct seem limited to USB link packing efficiency.

DoP is also very important for I2S DAC’s since this is usually all they can play at the current stage of driver development.


Stop the press!!! It all works as you described after turning off and disconnecting the DAC.

Once everything is back on it all works as long as volume is at 100%.

Hope this help others with USB DAC problems