No data (title, etc.) in the web UI when using upnp

It used to work but since some moment (actualization?) it does not. I use Bubbleupnp and Volumio 2 on raspberry pi 2. I have a problem that during playing Tidal songs I can not see song details (title, etc.) in web UI. Moreover I can not control playing (play, pause, next song, etc.) from UI what is very important for me because I use GPIO buttons. I did fresh installation of Volumio, but it didn’t help. In the same time everything is ok when I use Kodi (another raspberry pi) as a renderer. So it looks that problem is not in Bubbleupnp.
What is more interesting, when I use lcd display (plugin I can see all the data on the lcd. So it means that this data exist somewhere in the Volumio? Please help.