no connection to Volumio

It’s the second time that I have an issue with volumio.
I update to the last version for Rasp. PI3 (2.163) and after restart the system, it was impossible to connect. So, I flashed again the SD card with the system but impossible to connect: error msg in Chrome : ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED when I use the IP address and ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED when I use volumio.local.
The other issue is that the connection via SSH cut and reconnect regulary : message with PuTTY: Network error: Software caused connection abort.
I have had also this msg: Server unexpectedly closed network connection

Someone has an idea whats happen? Where can I download a older version of volumio2?

I hope to find help !


Did you leave the RPi running for a good few minutes (8 or so is recommended) on first boot before restarting? Failure to do so can cause problems.

volumio.local can be problematical depending on what OS you are using to connect to the device.

Hello chsims1,
Thank you for your answer!

Yes I restart multiple times with more than 8 min between each start. I reinstalled 2-3 time volumio to avoid install pb and check also the MD5 to be sure that the .img is OK.

I don’t understand what’s happen, especial the disconnections (I am connected with PuTTY and after 5-10 min connection breaks).

The first time I have had connection issue a new download and reinstall solved it. That’s why I look for an ‘old’ version of volumio2.