No choice for Sync Interpolator

setup: raspberry pi, volumio 1.1, Hifimediy async DAC.

I was eager to try several different settings (volumio.local/mpd-config.php) and realized that the choice of the Sync Interpolator is always set to “Fastest”. When I change the choice and press “Save”, it always flips back to “Fastest”.

I was just going to report this issue, but since it’s already known I will just bump this post :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for that. However, in Raspberry PI the only working method is Fastest. Pi doesn’t have enough computing power to use other resampling alghoritms… You can manually edit the mpd.conf to see that…

Thanks for the reply - I trust you so no need to test it out then :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of upgrading to an Udoo or Cubox instead, seems like the Pi is a little too weak for my taste.
…or perhaps I’ll stay put and see what happens with the Utilite :sunglasses: