No bluetooth, input and CD plugin v2.668

In v2.668 i activated the usb input.(RPI3A+, superstar account) It runs for an hour.
after playing tidal and came back to USB input it doesn’t run anymore.
activate and deactivate device in myvolumio doesn’t help.
reboot doesn’t help.
UPNP, Shareport and DLNA works .
bluetooth, input and CD plugin can be enabeled, but still red (inactive)
any help is welcome. Thanks!

Hahaha, i solved it! :slight_smile:
enabling Test Mode and update to v2.669 gives me the functions back!

Ditto here. Upgrading to 2.996 fixed it.

Sorry guys, it was a stupid mistake on our end. There’s a new version out which fixes the issue.

Thank you guys! You are doing fantastic.