No available Hotspot listed and no way to use wifi connection

HI, i have a rasp 2 with a Edimax WiFI USB dongle. Everything is ok when i start in wired mode, i can also see the available wifi connection if i check the volumio setting menu… i am also able to insert username and pw i usually use to connect the router… so i suppose that the dongle is properly recognized by volumio and rasp.
As i try to unplug the lan cable there no way to reconnect via WiFi: connection is lost and there is no hotspot listed in wifi connection in any device i try to use.
Where do i go wrong?

Before you unplug the wired connection, are both the wired and wifi connections shown in settings ‘Network’, ‘Network Status’?

Yes, they are. Anyway, i decided to reinstall volumio and now everything seems to be ok.