No audio on HDMI to Denon 2808ci

The rpi can out put audio to Denon using raspian software on hdmi. Good stereo. Volumio can output HDMI audio and video to my tv even dsf music. (Sounds like crap mono), But no HDMI audio to my Denon AVR on HDMI.
On first boot volumio showed terminal screen through the AVR.

I have no audio return on HDMI tv to AVR. I am missing something for sure…No optical audio cable long enough

On my Denon AVR you have a setup menu where for each input you can select analogue or digital sound. Maybe look there?

Very strange.

The display blinks when the RPI is plugged into HDMI 1 on the Denon.
Setting decode to PCM didn’t help.

Direct HDMI to tv with sound works

That’s what I saw on first boot through the Denon

Still confused. I have now plugged the RPI into a Denon AVR x3200w hdmi
And it works. DSD Yay. Why why not AVR 2808?

Ok back to the Denon AVR 2808
Day 3 of, “I must be an idiot”.
Every setting I can think of 3 times.

So. I optical cable in the mail. Connecting HDMI to tv optical to AVR 2808. Sounds good. But DSD is only 2 Channel.

Day 3.1
Sound comparison

The down mix of dsd on Elton John Capt fantastic is definitely a downgrade. Very Sad. I have a lot of them just on a usb drive

Elton John greatest hits CD compared to flac on RPI is no difference.

And my tv needs to be on

Day 6
Christmas and avoid the hammer options.

Ok reinstalled the os image.
Seems I have to boot RPI volumio before plugging it into Denon 2808.
DSD files downmix to 2 Channel but sounds good. Playback is set to DSD not PCM, but amp shows pcm

Hmmm. Did I plug hard drive into the wrong usb plug for speed,?

Day 6.1
On reboot: the HDMI cable has to be unplugged til boot is compete from the AVR 2808 or it won’t play.

Further comparison shows flac and mp3 files play better than a downmix DSD file.

Any ideas?

Day 9

Audio resampling turned off
Skipped the song so it started again
DSD now works on AVR 2808

Now plug in don’t download
Error on data/temp file space.