No artists and albums information Premium subscription

Volumio V3
Premium subscription
DAC : Audio GD D77
STREAMER : Allo usbridge SIG

No artists and albums information Premium subscription ???

First time using Volumio?
Are you able to locate Artist and album in the exact same writing as in your storage on Musicbrainz?

yesterday there was no problem. I ve got this problem only since this afternoon

See what happens if you run update in Sources

Ok i will see that later. Thank you for your help

I run update in sources. Nothing change… This morning it works well… I think i will stay with the free version if this problem is not solved

Artist and Album Information API are experiencing intermittent outage.

Reason: we did not expect so many people to jump on premium.

We are increasing server capacity so the service will not experience outages.

If you want to check the status of it, here’s our status page:


ok extra thanks… Volumio 3 is sounding amazing so i understand why there’s so much people to jump on premium like me.