No Album Metadata with Qobuz

I just signed up for Superstar and am using Qobuz on the latest production Volumio. When I try to get Album data it just returns None Found. Tried several albums both older jazz and contemporary. Is there something else Im supposed to enable or is it broken? Thx for any help.

Can you let me know the title of those albums? So we will try over here

Thx @volumio. I have not been able to get it to work with any album. For example The Great Artistry of Django Reinhardt or Diana Krall Wallflower.

@volumio I thought since the superstar subscription was new or perhaps as it was set to lifetime that the permissions hadn’t kicked in for the metadata. Its been a few days and I still get Not found on all metadata on all albums.

wanted to ad some more data. Here is journalctl-f output.Oct 17 12:48:05 volumio volumio[1005]: verbose: STATE SERVICE {“status”:“play”,“position”:0,“seek”:174,“duration”:381,“samplerate”:“44.1 kHz”,“bitdepth”:“24 bit”,“channels”:2,“random”:false,“updatedb”:false,“repeat”:false,“bitrate”:“1004 Kbps”,“isStreaming”:false,“title”:“file?uid=1030659&eid=95330380&fmt=7&profile=raw&app_id=539451548&cid=865473&etsp=1602967684&hmac=OQChnzviTR6ILZZ0KNWVATDf3Bo”,“artist”:null,“album”:null,“uri”:“",“trackType”:"qobuz”}

SOLVED. 3 reboots and it just started working. No idea why.

Mind that Metadata might take as long as 5 seconds to be displayed.
Checked now and it seems to work just fine :wink:

@volumio here is my post from the beta thread.

Just moved to Beta to see if Qobuz metadata was any better. Have Superstar subscription. I still rarely see Album Story with any data. For example Coltrane ‘58 gives me Nothing Found in Volumio beta but there is certainly an Album Review in the Qobuz app on this album.
Why isn’t this coming through in Volumio?

I just get the spinner and wait then Not Found comes up.
Its happening on lots of albums. The one above doesn’t work with iPad app or on browser. Lots more albums are the same. Also there is less data in volumio on artist story, etc than on Qobuz app. Do you get your metadata from Qobuz if the user has a Qobuz subscription?

Anyone else have the same experience or is it my installation somehow?

I’ve never found Artist or Album story. I don’t think it works.