no access with Kazoo

Hi there,
I just started with Volumio, but got stuck with my intended use case: control the raspi with the Kazoo app from iphone.

I have:

  • a NAS that provides DLNA streaming
  • a Raspi 3B+ with Volumino 2.452, freshly installed
  • and a hifiberry DAC pro card attached

Already running is the website access, e.g. volumio.local. When adding network drives there, I could play some songs. I disconnected the network drives afterwords, as I want to use the DLNA server.

What is not running is the openhome story:

  • I do not get any room in Linn Kazoo. Its just searching “wating for room”, but nothing else is happening.

the process is running /usr/bin/upmpdcli -c /tmp/upmpdcli.conf

What did I miss, or where to search…?

I can add to the thread, that from a bubbleupnp server, I can make an openhome player emulation of the volumio.
But I thought volumio is able to be an openhome player by itself. isn’t it…?

Has there something to be added in the configuration to be an open home player…?

don’t ask me for what reason, but after fiddling some hours around, it finally worked with Linn Kazoo. One hint might be to deinstall the Kazoo app from the phone and reinstall it again. Seems that it was stuck in older, now missing room names from another location…

What I’m currently wondering, is how to set up multiple rooms with multiple raspis and control them via the Kazoo app. Giving it a try out of the box again leads to the comment in the Kazoo app:
“Grouping is not available. To allow grouping, use Konfig to enable the Songcast Sender for this room.”
anybody has any clue how to deal with that…?

The only way I know of to set up SongCast multi-room play is to use upplay. After that, you can control the playback using Kazoo. But the initial setup needs to be done in upplay.

I installed upplay, but when I open the “Songcast tool”, I get “No Songcast Sender” nor “Songcast receiver”.

Anything that has to be activated via the volumio web interface or even via ssh access…?

Well, first of all, you need to switch one of the Rpi’s to be the Songcast Sender.

  1. Under “Select Media Renderer”, choose the Rpi that you want to be the sender.
  2. Under “Select Source”, choose “Playlist (PL-to-SongCast)”.
  3. Now choose the “SongCast Tool”
  4. You should be able to select the previously-chosen Rpi as the sender, and then choose which Rpis you want to be the receivers (the original one is selected by default).

Possibly. I did configure some things in upmpdcli.conf, per the instructions at the upmpdcli website, but the above might just work out-of-the box with the stock Volumio-supplied upmpdcli.conf.

Thanks for the hint!
unfortunately id does not work out of the box. could you share your upmpdcli.conf file…?
Would help me here. … :bulb:

OK, here are the relevant bits (with my commentary). Again, reading the upmpdcli website is probably the best way to familiarize yourself with all the settings.

[code]### Parameters for the Songcast modes
sclogfilename = /tmp/scmpdcli.log

Volumio sets this to “mpd”; must be set to “alsa” in order to work.

scplaymethod = alsa

This one depends on your DAC card (mine is a hifiberry).

You can find the correct device name for your card by typing “aplay -L”.

scalsadevice = sysdefault:CARD=sndrpihifiberry

These two are probably unnecessary, but I have them set anyway.

sc2mpd = /usr/bin/sc2mpd
scsenderpath = /usr/bin/scmakempdsender[/code]

hi: help! want to make Volumio a receiver with Kazoo, what do I do?