No access to Tidal

I can’t access native Tidal. Logging in is simple, the Tidal icon appears but there is no connection to Tidal. Volumio version 2.773. + Raspberry 3 + All digione. Additionally, when I upgraded my old SD card to version 2.773, access to Tidal disappeared. Please help

Does rebooting help?
Are you on wifi or ethernet?

RP3 is connected via ethernet. Restarting doesn’t help. In addition, after each launch of the tab my music must log in to Tidal for the icon to appear

Can you send a log and paste the link to michelangelo at volumio dot org?

Also, can you update to latest version? we added a fix for that in the latest release

The upgrade to 2.777 did not change. Volumio still won’t remember my eligibility for Tidal. Every time after restart I have to log in to the Source tab. When I do that, the Tidal icon appears but no access.
I do not know what this diary is but I will try to get help from friends and send. Thanks for your efforts so far.