No ability to remove playlists or songs in them?


Ive updated to the new Volumio 3.175 And have a superstar subscription.

Why is it impossible to remove playlists or remove songs from playlists? I seemingly can add stuff to them, but I cant remove anything.

There is no playlists in the /var/lib/mpd/playlists so I am assuming its a cloud thing.

How do I fix?

Volumio’s playlists are stored in /data/playlist. (And a copy in the cloud, as you get them back on a fresh install)
I can’t confirm this bug, as I have no problems deleting tracks from my playlist.

You can’t delete last song from playlist :stuck_out_tongue: atleast that’s the case for favorites which i believe are internally handled as playlist aswell.

I erased and reinstalled v3 from scratch. The v2-v3 automatic upgrade is what I had done before. :man_shrugging: It’s working properly now.