Nightmarish Volume Control

Hi, so I have a problem with the software volume control and I’m wondering if someone has an idea to resolve it.

I installed a rotary encoder on my Raspberry Pi Zero W/Allo mini Boss DAC which is my Volumio system. First, I tried different scripts that print values until I found the one which makes almost no mistakes. Then I made a script to make the knob change volume using WebSocket commands. To my surprise whenever I was turning the knob, the value of the volume was oscillating up and down. I modified the script so that it would print something every time I turn the rotary encoder and the prints showed no mistakes.

Then I went to look at the journal and that’s where I saw that the volume control was acting weird. Every time I turned the knob I could see “Client requests Volume +” at each pulse. Following that I see “VolumeController::Volume 100” and right after it does “VolumeController::Volume 76” even if there is no request to turn the volume down.

After searching this forum, I saw a suggestion to use “Volumio volume …” commands instead of WebSocket. They work a bit better, but the rotary encoder is still almost unuseful because of the volume controller’s oscillations. Also, the delay makes it more nightmarish.

Any ideas?

This sounds like an issue to raise on the Github site

thanks, I wasn’t sure if it was me or…