Nice USB Speakers could make good project [amazon-uk]

£20 … cr_pr_pb_t

Actually, I wonder are they usable with a Pi as they don’t have any other output except USB. Which means they would need an on-board DAC right?

I own two pairs of these speakers I only use the two right channel ones together I discarded the left channel ones that house the usb connection and internal amp etc - the only way to get something good from these is to abandon the right channel ones all together and build some speaker cables into the left channel RCA’s and amp them with a T or D amp.

I’d forget totally about using them as usb speakers because you will be very disappointed in terms of audio quality and volume these definately sound better hooked up to somrthing like a 20/20 Tripath amplifier via a Hifiberry or similar dac.

The Sound Sience have got a unique audiophile sound particularly with good recordings of acoustic guitar, vocal harmonics, even a drum solo’s, like Karriem Riggins but you need good clean high res recordings and a dac to get the best out of them. They have some mid/upper mids and trebble but very detailed sound so worth buying two pairs to try - again just not usb speaker which was their intended use nor an every day kinda usb speaker.

PS: You can not open these speakers they are sealed unfortunately !!

Hi Alfminus,

I would like to do exactly what you have done with your QSBs. (I have also bought two pairs and also own a T-amp.) Please could you provide more details on how you prepared the cables to connect your T-amp to your QSBs?


Any particular brand?

You’re responding to a 4 year old post!

I assume you are the alter ego of pjmcos, and your intention is to troll this board with the same name that you use on DIYAudio?


Must need some extra speakers for his extra Katana DAC :ugeek: