NFS share of /data/INTERNAL

So as the title says, I am attempting to share /data/INTERNAL so that anyone on my network may mount it and add/remove music. I am fairly sure that I have configured everything correctly (ie. in /etc/exports) however when I run exportfs -a it returns the following exportfs: /data/INTERNAL does not support NFS export . Everything that I have gathered from google implies that this is an error related to encryption but that doesnt seem right in this case. Could it be that /data/INTERNAL is being mounted already, and that I am trying to share a mounted directory? I think I have heard of issues arising when this happens however, Ive also tried exporting various other directories in other locations all to no avail (same “error” message each time). Anyone got an idea?

I can’t check now but I think you need to install nfs-utils package.

Hmm… I know I installed apt-utils this morning. I will try installing nfs-utils (if it’s not already installed) either tonight or tomorrow morning and report back! Thanks for the input.

I think ‘nfs-utils’ is a source package. You need the nfs server binary, which is called ‘nfs-kernel-server.’ Was this not running when you originally posted?

nfs-kernel-server was installed and running when I encountered the problem.

I can confirm that exporting NFS shares works fine in stock Raspbian, but not in Volumio. Unfortunately applicable documentation of the “exportfs: /data/INTERNAL does not support NFS export” error is sparse. You could try a samba share to provide a working alternative until a solution is found.

Edit: actually this folder is already setup as a samba share.

Edit 2: I’m wondering if this problem is a result of Volumio using ‘overlayfs.’