Newest Version 2.201 is not working with RPi2 and HifiBerry

Since I have updated my System consisting of a Raspberry Pi 2 and a HifiBerry DAC+ volumio is constantly crashing when I try to stream via Shareport.
Also spotify service is not working anymore and the system is responding super slowly in general.

First question:

Do you have any idea how to fix that? (yes I have already reset the user data and it didn’t work out afterwards).

Second question:

Is there an easy and convinient way to downgrade to 2.185 which was working fine?
If not, could anyone let me have a download link of the RPi2 image file for the previous version (2.185)?

I would appreciate your help, 'cause I feel sick without my stereo :astonished:

Best regards,


Hi Tobi,

probably I have very similar configuration,
if you have still this problem, I have still downloaded volumio-2.041-2016-12-12-pi.img and I can share with you,
I upgraded to version 2.175 and everything works for me,
just let me know, so I’ll upload to some cloud this image.