Newbie questions (not in FAQ)

Hi folks,

Newbie here. Have been a LMS/Squeezelite user for a long time. My objective is to move off of the PC and have Pi do the rendering. So got a Pi B version with box from Craigslist and installed Volumio. It works great and I can access it from my mobile devices using the browser. I am using a DAC and the sound produced is excellent when it is pointed to my Flac library on the NAS. So far so good.

Unfortunately, I need help in the following areas:

  1. The webUI of volumio cannot show Album Art or covers, so I tried looking for MPDroid, etc. But running into same issues. I have both iOS and Android devices at home. When I had the LMS/Squeezelite setup, I could use squeezebox app. So I am looking for something similar (same app on both platforms) that can show cover Art, playlist, etc. The webUI would have been ideal but unfortunately it does not show :frowning:. My humble request to the developers is to please add that option. I understand it will slow things down but atleast some folks who don’t mind that would have an option to see the covers.

  2. All my Flac or Mp3 files have album art in the file itself and I have additional jpg in the folder. But it still does not show anything. When I was using the squeezebox player, it showed them all. So not sure what I can do to have the same thing here.

  3. I see that some folks have a thread to have Squeezelite installed on Volumio. If I do that, do I still need to have the LMS server running on a PC. If yes, then that is not what I want. Can we run Squeezelite with Volumio backend and then have Squeezebox app on mobile devices?

  4. There is Squeezeplug which is LMS version on Pi. Would anyone know what is the difference between Squeezeplug and Volumio? or a comparison of the two?

  5. Is there a way to increase the font size in the browser on the mobile device? It is really hard to press those tiny buttons.

Bottom line is if I cannot bring the album art on this thing on a mobile device, I am afraid I would not be able to use this great tool. Having album art is such a big psychological/visual step that it is quite important to some folks. So it would be great if you could provide any help in resolving these questions.


Already in development: artwork-support-volumio-t1844.html

For android Sound@home is a great app to use with volumio. This downloads the album art from internet, so you dont even need to have it.
It is being developed by one of the many volunteers around volumio. sound-home-android-app-for-multi-rooms-and-other-t21.html

I know it isnt available for Apple IOS but its wort a try