Newbie problems

Hi all,

I was recommended Volumio by a friend so I thought I’d try it out. I bought a new SanDisk 32GB flash card and wrote the image via Rufus (as explained in one of the FAQs) but after this step I get nothing. There’s no hotspot on my list of network sources. I try to reboot my laptop expecting that it will boot Volumio from the D drive but it doesn’t and I just get the same scenario. I think I’ve accurately followed the quick start guide up to this point but it’s always possible that I’ve missed a step somewhere as I’m a tech idiot. Hopefully someone can tell me where I’ve gone wrong.!

cheers in advance.

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Please provide details, for what your trying to do.
I see SD card, booting from laptop.

Your trying to run Volumio on which hardware?


Maybe the image is still zipped?


Hello, thanks for the responses.

I downloaded the latest Volumio, unzipped the file and flashed the image file over to my SD using Rufus. The SD is plugged into my laptop which is a brand new HP15s-fq2xxx with the following specs: 11th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i3-1115G4 @ 3.00GHz, 2901 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s).

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You refer to the D disk, Volumio doesn’t support multiboot.
You were able to boot from the SD, complete the setup and did flash it to your HD?
If yes, then select the D disk as boot disk.
(but I have never tried this on a system with multiple disks)

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No I haven’t been able to boot from the SD. Do I need to change something in the laptop in order for that to work?

I think I’m beginning to understand… if I want to boot Volumio from the laptop then it effectively replaces the current laptop OS? rendering all other laptop functions inoperable? Because, I don’t want to do that.


For your laptop, you need to flash the image to a USB and boot from the USB. The laptop won’t boot from the SD-Slot.

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Right. I tried a USB before I ordered the SD card and it didn’t work, which is why I ordered the SD card. I’ll try the USB again - maybe I didn’t do it properly.

make sure you configure you’re laptop to boot from USB

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Okay. If I do this, will I be able to use the laptop for normal operations as well or does it become a Volumio head only?

pretty sure it will overwrite you disk. If you install volumio to the disk.
You can also run Volumio from the USB only.

Okay tried to boot from USB and got the message “Secure Boot Violation. Invalid Signature Detected. Check Secure Boot Policy in Setup”

Please be careful with installing to disk, it is risky as it will completely overwrite the selected disk. All existing partitions will be removed. In case you picked the wrong disk, your Windows recovery partition will be gone as well.

As @Wheaten recommended, use the USB stick. It will be fast enough.
This will allow you to boot windows when the usb stick has been removed.

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You need to go to the BIOS and disable Secure Boot as the Volumio image does not have a signature.
Always keep a note of what you change in case you wish to revert a modified setting.

Edit: Volumio is not an application, it is a complete operating system. While Volumio is running, you cannot use your laptop for anything else.

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Managed to make some progress - although I’m pretty sick of entering my bitlocker recovery key by now - changed the BIOS to allow unsecured boot and started the boot from the USB but it just hung leaving me with a dark backlit screen.

I think I’ll abandon this until I get myself a Raspberry PI, at least that way I can’t accidentally kill my new laptop. Thanks for your help all.

You need to give it a minute or so on first boot.
Or, your machine is so new that the graphics are not supported yet.
That does not necessary mean, Volumio is not running.
Try entering “http//volumio.local” in your iphone or android browser (when you have connected via ethernet) or connect to Volumio’s wireless hotspot

Get a cheap used thin client, like the Dell Wyse 3040 that I think both gkkpch and Wheaten would recommend.

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Yes I can recommend them, maybe @gkkpch has some left.

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Yes I have from the current batch and they are pre-installed, works out-of-the-box. No DYI.
50€, 13.99€ shipping, Europe only.

Additional batch already planned, these things still sell like bread buns.
I may have to add 5€ because my supplier starts to smell profit.

As others have implied volumio on your laptop is perhaps not the best set up. While you wait on getting another machine to install it on you could look at running it as a virtual os on windows (or whatever OS you run on your machine). I’ve not done it myself but there are posts on the forum of people using virtualbox which is free. That way you can try it out and it doesn’t change anything on your laptop. You can also use your laptop normally while running a virtual os, especially one as light as volumio.